Sunday, November 10, 2013

Penny Pinching Healthy- Buy Bulk or Bye Bulk

Alright, welcome back.  Ya'll got a week and a half to digest the last one, due to some over achieving germs that were working their way around our home.

Let's get right down to it.

Buying in bulk can be a great thing.  Same with stocking up on stuff on sale or because you have a coupon.  But, as with all things, it has a place.  ...Well, that is assuming you're not into doomsday prep, at which point this blog post is probably not at all for you.  But, for us folk living in a moderate space, here's what I got.

When is it good to buy in bulk?

If you use it, without fail, not sometimes, but always.  For example, toilet paper, bath/body/hygiene, dish soap.  Follow my drift?  You can always use it, will always use it.  It's not snack food, it's not non perishables, it is, to an extent, a necessity.

Food.  Food can be good to buy in bulk or stock up on if it's on sale.  But, things you use without fail.  For us, it's stuff like beans, protein powder and other smoothie ingredients, eggs, the foods we use religiously.  So, when my local store has them marked down I go for it.

The rule of thumb, to not get overwhelmed is to not get more than you'll reasonably eat in about a 5 to 6 weeks span since that's about how long cycles are in the grocery shopping fliers.  So, chances are they'll be on sale again sometime between now and then.

When not to buy in bulk?

If you're trying something new.  If you don't know for sure if you like the brand, if it will cook the same way, if you'll like the food in the one that is cheaper up front, not in unit price.  Nothing worse than spending more up front because it costs less per unit, and to not like it and throw it out.

If you only need it this once.  Holiday ingredients, things that won't keep, produce, etc.

In these moments, spending the least amount out of pocket to buy you the amount that you will need is the goal.

Lastly, don't buy in bulk if you can't afford to bulk up.  Sometimes it may be worth it because you'll save money for the bulk or coupon deal and it will loosen up more money later as opposed to if you spent the amount for the smaller piece twice.  Hopefully that makes sense.

That's the quick show down.  Sorry if it seems a little scattered.  A lack of sleep, and probably a whole lot of lack of oxygen courtesy of our household sickness may lead to some messy thinking.  But, while feeling up to it I gotta at least stay on track.

So, I'll see you back next week!

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