Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not your mama's Turkey Sandwich

Alright, Thanksgiving is coming at us, and soon.  Scary soon.  I'm hoping you all are prepared, I still have some shopping to do!

But, what I have done is already worked on my Thanksgiving left overs.  

I grew up in the household of turkey sandwiches... for the next week and a half...  Guess who doesn't do turkey sandwiches anymore?  This girl right here.

I am a HUGE fan of using up left overs, or cooking once and eating twice.  Thanksgiving is a great excuse to cook once and eat a lot!  But, there are SO many other things out there you can eat other than a sandwich.  Today, I'm going to share one of my FAVORITES with you.  Keep in mind I made this with a rotisserie chicken because I'm not cooking a turkey twice in one month.  But, it's pretty darn easy.  My daughter was due on Thanksgiving day (granted she showed up 2 weeks late) so I had planned to make this for our Thanksgiving that year rather than a full turkey dinner.  It's just enough to taste like the season, and hardly any work.

Here we go

The things you'll need?

1-2 containers of Pillsbury croissant rolls (we use 1 for our family of 3 and there aren't usually left overs)
Left over turkey torn into small piece (about an inch or 2 wide, think bite size)
Mashed Potato

You could feel free to toss in any other left overs on hand you may want such as sweet potatoes or carrots, but this is our usual go to as it's easy to make and easy to eat.

To start, lay your croissant rolls out in a star pattern.  This is using only 1 roll.  If you use two, you're going to alternate.  So, 1 triangle pointing away from the center, and then lay the next one with the triangle pointing into the center.  Continue on in that manner until your circle is full.  The nice part of doing 2 is that the angles line up perfectly with one another when you set them side by side, instead of having to overlap the long end with the point end like shown here.

Next up, put your turkey in.  You'll notice in the next picture that I, as I do every year, forgot that turkey goes first.  The importance of that is if the mashed potato goes in the middle, it holds everything together.

So, turkey, THEN potato, not as pictured.  And then add in your stuffing

And then, you fold!  Now, you're going to pull your triangle piece up and connect it to the inside of the piece next to it, so it's at an angle.  And then, press it down pretty good so that it sticks in place.  Again, if you have the large 2 roll ring, just alternate and it folds in pretty well.

It goes into the oven as shown above, and comes out looking like this!

You'll cook it according to the directions on the croissant rolls package, though sometimes you may need to cook it a little longer.  You want it to become a rich golden brown on top, and at least cooked on the bottom of it and not doughy.

Cut 2 pieces per person (that's usually a good starting point, though my 2 year old takes 1) and serve with some warm gravy on top, and maybe a side of peas or carrots, and most DEFINITELY cranberry sauce.

Kiss those turkey sandwiches goodbye and enjoy!

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