Friday, January 3, 2014

Sweet and Sour Chicken

So, as we do most things around here, this recipe makes a batch.  Approximately 14 cups worth.

3 red peppers, sliced
4 yellow peppers, sliced
2C Sweet and Sour Sauce (We use Maui Mountain, when I can't find that I settle for a Hawaiian marinade)
2 24.5 oz jars of pineapple chunks in juice (separate the juice from the pineapple and reserve 1/3C )
3T cherry grenadine
6 chicken breast, cubed.

Unless you have a 5 quart skillet, you're going to need to do this in 2 batches.

Combine all ingredients in skillet and bring to a fast simmer.  Turn the heat down and let it slowly simmer until the chicken is cooked all the way.

Each cup comes out to 176 calories as a great small snack or side to something
Otherwise, if you divide it into 6 servings, each serving is 410 calories.

We used to serve this over rice, but an attempt to cut grains we've opted not to.  You could always serve it over cauliflower rice if need be.

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